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IOPAK CookQChill Cook, Quench Chill! Continuous 7 basket (rice, noodles, vegetables)

The IOPAK Continuous CookQChill unit is used to cook rice but can also be used to cook Fish, Pasta and Vegetables. It is fitted with 7 tilting basket to baskets which are designed to cook, quench and chill.

Cooking Section
Number of cooking baskets: 4
Basket Dimensions: 850mm L x 440mm W x 300mm D
Cooling Section:
Quech: 1 basket
Number of chilling baskets: 3
Basket Dimensions: 850mm L x 440mm W x 300mm D

Overall length: 4391mm
Overall Width: 1535mm
Overall Height: 1455mm

It produces damage free product whilst minimising clumping in the baskets
The operation consists of a series of vessels arranged in-line with a low to high risk divide where the product is contained by way of lifting and tilting baskets.
This machine is ideal for demanding applications where consistency and reliability are the benchmark
A vortex system prevents clumping in the baskets
It was designed to satisfy the hygienic standards of the manufacturer, retail sector and consumer
Recipe control for consistency
Hood over cooking sector retains and conserves heat

Please see this YouTube link:

Bin lifter for infeed outfeed conveyor
Size/Capacity:Capacity: Varies according to product type, cooking time etc
500 Kg/Hr
Steam Requirements: , 3-4 Kg/sqcm (300-400KPa)
Stock Number:COOK15931G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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