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RIJKAART LUR MB 350 3 Roll Sheeter

This fully stainless steel triple roll sheeter was used in the pie manufacturing section of a bakery plant.
Width of Rolls: 350mm
Ratio of geared Motor: 95:275:1
Overall Dimensions (for crating) 1130mm L x 800mm W x 1600mm H

SHEETING BASICS. Sheeting rollers are slower and gentler than dough breaker equipment. The primary mechanism is to shear the dough to assist gluten development while producing a dimensionally controlled strip of dough.

The major factor affecting how well the dough is sheeted is not the compression but the length of dough contact in the roll gap and the degree of differential speed of the rollers. Mechanical strength of the rollers and supports is significant when dealing with very thin products such as flat breads and tortillas and with final gauging rolls.

The versatility of reversible sheeters makes them ideal for medium-sized operations that produce several different kinds of sheeted and laminated products such as Danish, puff pastry and snack crackers.

Sheeting rolls extend the dough in one direction. Relaxation of the dough after each pass is important to prevent cracking and to avoid distorted dough pieces at the cutting stage. 3-roll machines that feed more complex sheeting or laminating lines contain a gauging roll to set the initial thickness of the dough sheet.

Electrical: 3 phase AC Motor, 415 Volts, 10 Amps.

Model:LUR MB 350
Size/Capacity:350mm W rolls
Stock Number:BAKE15408S
Serial Number:Not Visible

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