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MILLIPORE Pellicon & Procon Cross Flow Filter with pump

This MILLIPORE cross flow filter comes complete with a PROCON Pump
Milliipore Filter Serial : 424542-A-0029
Millipore Procon Pump speed: 0 -1750rpm
The MILLIPORE Pellicon acrylic holder operates a selection of Pellicon Cassettes for tangential flow microporous filtration and ultrafiltration. In a few minutes to a few hours 1 to 500 liter batches can be filtered. The holders offer as much as 10 times the linear scale-up of filter area in a single holder (Increased pump capacity is required for scale-up).

Low hold-up volume holder provides high-product recoveries.

An interchangeable selection of fittings and pumps is available with easy connections for changing system capability without buying a new system.

The acrylic Pellicon Cassette holder assemblies contain all equipment needed for connection to an existing peristaltic tubing pump. Pump is not included
Holder and Assembly Capacity (filter area)
Standard holder:
- 0.5â€âœ2.5 m2 (5.5â€âœ27 ft2) as shipped
- expandable to 5 m2 (54 ft2) with long tie rods XX42 P0L 64.
- up to 500 liter batches with long tie rods
Low retentate volume holder:
- 0.5 m2 (5.5 ft2) as shipped
- Assembly capacity depends upon the type of pump tubing size
NOTE - Millipore Filter - no pressure guage or fittings supplied
Model:Pellicon & Procon
Size/Capacity:2.5 m2 Maxi
Stock Number:FILT13295S
Serial Number:424542-A-0029

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