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Ishida CCW-Z-106P-S/05-WP Linear Weigher

ISHIDA Linear Weigher
Model: CCW-Z-106P-S/05-WP
This waterproof linear weigher was weighing smaller low volume items.

Weighing Capacity: Weigh Range: 4cc - 500cc
Accuracy for Single Product: x=0.5g:1.0g (max)
Weighing Speed: Up to 70 wpm (product dependent).

Maximum Volume of Weighing: 800cc (per single dump)
- Dustproof
- Waterproof
- Plasma Screen
- Stepping Motor
- Two weighs per head design
YOM: JAN 1997
Size/Capacity:Weigh Range: 4cc - 500cc. Up to 70 wpm (product dependent).
Stock Number:SCAL13159S
Serial Number:25659

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