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Japanese Made Raisin Declumper/Singulator with Washer (Steam Jacketed Tank)

Raisin washing installations are used in the baking, chocolate and muesli industry. Most of the raisins have to be washed before use and the fruits have to be separated from stones, stalks, dust etc. The fruit collects approx. 1,5 - 3 % humidity in the washing process, which is mostly acceptable (conditions apply) The washing section with steam jacketed tank (including steam valves, trap etc) ...

HOSODA Washer Chiller (was used for Cabbage)

HOSODA Continuous Washer with Discharge Conveyor. Suitable for washing vegetable and fruit. Product is put into the water solution then the jets and the conveyor are turned on. The fruit/veg is then continuously washed and the jets move the product along the system to the end discharge s/s mesh- belt conveyor which lifts the product out. Then there are 2 spray nozzles which can give a fin...